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FWOC's Mission

1. Unite its member clubs behind a shared agenda of conservation goals.

2. Help its member clubs become more effective in their own conservation work

3. Lend its support to the conservation campaigns of allied groups that specialize in given issues (in pursuit of its shared agenda).

4. Help its member clubs find solutions to their operating problems through sharing information about solutions that some may have found. .

A Compilation of the Essential Points of Resolutions Adopted by the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs at Annual Conventions in the Period 1990-2021

2021 Resolutions

2021-1: Urging Biden to Restore Trump’s Rollbacks
2021-2: Resisting Intrusions into Alaska’s Izembek NWR
2021-3: Opposing the Willow Oil Lease in Alaska
2021-4: Restoring Environmental Components in Biden’s Infrastructure Program
2021-6: Urging Member Clubs to Adopt Their Own Climate Change Strategy
2021-7: Urging Biden to Make More of his Executive Order on Electric Cars Binding
2021-8: Pledging Support for Legislation Adding More River Mileage in Oregon to the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Program
2021-9: Restoring Quiet in National Parks
2021-10: Establishing “Big Quiet” Zone over Owyhee Region
2021-11: Restoring Efforts To End Oil and Gas Drilling on Federal Lands And Waters

Upcoming Events

Zoom ExComm meeting
Date: April 23, 2022
Time: 10 am - 12 noon

1. Greetings by the President.
2. Introduction of delegates and clubs represented.
3. Review and accept minutes from October 9, 2021 Combined Executive Committee and Annual Business Meeting (attached)
4. Treasurer’s reports – all reports will be distributed prior to meeting (John Rettig)
a. Year end 2021
- Balance Sheet FY 2021
- Profit and Loss FY 2021
b. 2021 through March 31
- Balance Sheet FY 2022
- Profit and Loss FY 2022
5. Investment performance reports (John Rettig)
a. Year end 2021
a. 2022 through March 31
6. Membership report (John Rettig)
7. State VP reports
a. California (Joe Fontaine, Ann Meneguzzi, Beryl Vonderheid)
b. Montana (George Nickas)
c. Oregon (Brock Evans, Joan Zuber)
d. Washington (Raelene Gold, Marianne Scharping, Shelley Spalding)
8. Outdoors West (Raelene Gold)
a. Publish date target for next edition
b. Content
9. Planning for next Annual Meeting
- location
- coordinator
- committee to assist
10. Any other business needing to be addressed
11. Adjourn

Established in 1932 for Mutual Service and for the Promotion of the Proper Use, Enjoyment
and Protection of America's Scenic Wilderness and Outdoor Recreation Resources