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FWOC's Mission

1. Unite its member clubs behind a shared agenda of conservation goals.

2. Help its member clubs become more effective in their own conservation work

3. Lend its support to the conservation campaigns of allied groups that specialize in given issues (in pursuit of its shared agenda).

4. Help its member clubs find solutions to their operating problems through sharing information about solutions that some may have found. .

A Compilation of the Essential Points of Resolutions Adopted by the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs at Annual Conventions in the Period 1990-2019

2019 Resolutions

1. The Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs opposes the plans of the Forest Service to log in the forest strips along the Lostine River road that serves as the prime scenic entryway into Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness.

2. Resolution to oppose weekening the Endangered Species Act.

Upcoming Events

2019 Annual Meeting - WAS A GREAT SUCCESS. Details coming soon.
Saturday, September 28th, McMenamins Olympic Club, Centrailia Washington

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Established in 1932 for Mutual Service and for the Promotion of the Proper Use, Enjoyment
and Protection of America's Scenic Wilderness and Outdoor Recreation Resources