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FWOC's Mission

1. Unite its member clubs behind a shared agenda of conservation goals.

2. Help its member clubs become more effective in their own conservation work

3. Lend its support to the conservation campaigns of allied groups that specialize in given issues (in pursuit of its shared agenda).

4. Help its member clubs find solutions to their operating problems through sharing information about solutions that some may have found. .

A Compilation of the Essential Points of Resolutions Adopted by the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs at Annual Conventions in the Period 1990-2021

2022 Resolutions

2022-1: Urging President Biden to Overturn More of Trump’s Rollbacks
2022-2: Saving Mature and Old-Growth Trees on Federal Lands
2022-3: Opposing New Logging Sales in Mature and Old-Growth Forests On Public Lands
2022-4: Thanking Those Who Negotiated Oregon’s Private Forest Accord
2022-5: Opposing Rep. Blumenauer’s Columbia Gorge Recreation Enhancement and Conservation Act of 2022
2022-6: Breaching Dams on the Lower Snake River
2022-7: Coping with the Shrinking Colorado River
2022-8: : President Biden Must Declare a National Emergency to Cope with Climate Change
2022-9: Congress Needs to Protect the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska (withdrawn)
2022-10 Biden Administration Should Classify the Monarch Butterfly as Endangered
2022-11: Re-Evaluating the Proposed Lithium Mine Along the Oregon-Nevada Border
2022-12: Great Salt Lake Must be Saved
2022-13: Opposition to Proposed Ambler Road in Alaska

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Call for 2023 Resolutions:

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